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Family Law on Divorce and Judicial Separation
By N. Akhtar
  Edition 2003

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Feminist Perspectives on Family Law
By Alison Diduck and Katherine O’Donovan
This book assesses the impact that feminism has had upon family law and examines specific areas of family law from a feminist perspective. It is broad in scope and looks at issues of current legal and...

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Legal Responses to Domestic Violence
By Mandy Burton
This book aims to examine legal responses to domestic violence in a holistic way. In England and Wales, as in other jurisdictions, much attention has been paid to the criminal justice response to...

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Christian Law in India - Revision of Law of Matrimonial Causes
By Dr. Kande Prasada Rao

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Law of Marriage and Divorce- (A Comprehensive treatise on Matrimonial Laws of all the Indian communities including Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Jews)
By Paras Diwan
  7th Edition, 2016
This is a comprehensive treatise on the matrimonial laws of all the Indian communities including Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Jews. Essentially the book is...

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Law of Domestic Violence
By Indira Jaising
  2nd Edition, 2007
The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 has come into force recently. It is in this context that we at the Lawyers Collective felt that there was a need to bring out the Second Edition of...

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Law of Marriage Maintenance Separation and Divorce
By Aiyar S. Krishnamurthi
  3rd Edition, 2010
The earlier illustrious author comprehended a multitude of enactments pertaining to marriage with its attendant statutes in one volume with great alacrity, ardency and promptitude and created an easily...

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Butterworths New Law Guide
By Newbury, Andrew& Yelton, Michael& McLynn, Vic...
Explains key concepts of Family Procedure Rules and implication for practitioners. This title identifies areas of potential difficulty and provides guidance and tips on the procedure. It includes relevant Practice...

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