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S.D. Singh's  Judgments and  How to Write Them
By Revised by R. Prakash
  4th Edition, Reprinted 2012
Acclaimed as a classic, this treatise on the art of writing judgments, from the pen of an erudite Judge and experienced author, has now been thoroughly revised and updated. Statute law and also the...

Paperback: Rs. 360.00  Rs. 306.00
Equal Justice and Forensic Process: Truth and Myth (Deluxe Edition) (e-book/Hardbound)
By V.R. Krishna Iyer (Retd. Judge)
  Reprinted 2010 (Deluxe Edition)
“Some people see things as they are and ask why, I dream things as they should be and ask why not?”- Robert Kennedy

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V.D. Mahajan's Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
By V.D. Mahajan's
  5th Edition, Reprinted 2016
V.D. Mahajan’s work is a legal classic and has gone into several editions and reprinted a number of times. Written in a very simple and clear language it...

Paperback: Rs. 425.00  Rs. 361.00
Clinical Legal Education
By N.R. Madhava Menon
  Reprinted 2016
The need for a clinical education handbook containing some basic material were felt at the training for legal trainers in the workshops under the UG sponsored academic staff college scheme.

Paperback: Rs. 345.00  Rs. 276.00
Legal Language, Legal Writing & General English
By B.M. Gandhi
  1st Edition, Reprinted 2017
B.M. Gandhi's Legal Language, Legal Writing & General English is designed as a basic text for law students. Not only does it...

Legal Language Legal Writing General English:
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Legal Language Legal Writing General English:
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Exploring Law Ethics And Governance
By Ankit Oberoi
  3rd Edition, 2015
Law, Ethics and Governance is a comprehensive book explaining concepts, sections, rules, latest amendments as per ICAI and ministry of corporate affairs of India and cases...

Paperback: Rs. 580.00  Rs. 464.00
Lectures in Jurisprudence
By NK Jayakumar
  3rd Edition, 2015
Lectures in Jurisprudence 3e is specially designed for students pursuing the three-year or five-year degree course in law education institutes including national law...

Paperback: Rs. 395.00  Rs. 316.00
  1st Edition, 2015

Paperback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 476.00
LexisNexis Quick Reference Guide-Q&A Series - Jurisprudence
By Rosedar S R A
  2nd Edition 2016
Jurisprudence is specially designed for students pursuing the three-year or five-year LLB course in law education institutes. This revision book is part of the Quick...

Paperback: Rs. 150.00  Rs. 120.00