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Universal's Guide to LL.M. Entrance Examination - including Previous Years Solved Papers
By Gaurav Mehta
  5th Edition 2016
LL.M. being postgraduate qualification in law can be a great opportunity to specialize in the...

Paperback: Rs. 775.00  Rs. 620.00
Swamy's Compilation of Medical Attendance Rules
By Muthuswamy and Brinda
  36th Edition, 2015
CS (Medical Attendance) Rules with up-to-date Instructions and Orders; Treatment of family members; Treatment for special diseases; Provisions of artificial appliances;...

Paperback: Rs. 323.00  Rs. 310.00
P. L. Malik's Industrial Law (Covering Labour Law in India) (2 Volumes with Free CD-ROM)
By Sumeet Malik
  Updated 24th Edition with Supplement, 2015

P L Maliks Industrial Law Covering Labour Law in India 2 Volumes with Free CDROM:
Rs.2990.00 Rs.2542.00 |
P L Maliks Industrial Law Covering Labour Law in India 2 Volumes with Free CDROM:
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B.R. Ghaiye's Law and Procedure of Departmental Enquiries (In Private and Public Sectors) (In 2 Volumes)
By J. K. Verma
  4th Edition, 2012
This is a great classic which has long been accepted as the most authoritative and comprehensive work on the subject.

Hardcover: Rs. 3,600.00  Rs. 3,060.00
V.D. Kulshreshtha's  Landmarks in Indian Legal and Constitutional History
By Sumeet Malik
  11th Edition, 2016
The new 11th edition of this classic and popular work is a comprehensive treatise on Legal and Constitutional History of India, and has been thoroughly revised and updated....

Paperback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 506.00
Law of Marriage and Divorce in India (1989 Edition)
By B.P. Beri
  2nd Edition, 1989
This is the second edition of the author's monumental work. As a background study, the evolution of marriage and divorce has been traced from the historical past to the present day. The law as...

Hardcover: Rs. 200.00  Rs. 166.00
Disciplinary Action against  Industrial Employees and its Remedies
By K.D. Srivastava
  2nd Edition, 1988.
A complete, practical and thorough work that gives full guidance to the employer as well as the employee in various kinds of disciplinary action cases. In very practical terms it...

Hardcover: Rs. 175.00  Rs. 145.00
Law and Social Transformation (e-book/Hardbound)
By P. Ishwara Bhat
  2009 Edition, Reprinted 2012
“An invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come.” — Victor Hugo

HARDBACK: Rs.795.00 Rs.676.00 | eBOOK: Rs.795.00 |
Modern Commercial Draftsman
By A.S.R. Rao
  1989 (POD)
This classic work is a quick and easy guide to drafting better documents, agreements, etc., needed in modern day commerce. Being the first book of its kind, it provides invaluable...

Hardcover: Rs. 1,700.00