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The Family Law Reports of Nigeria. (Vol. 1 - 8)
By Olatokunbo John Bamgbose ( Editor)
  (Set of 8 Volumes)
The Family Law Reports of Nigeria (FLRN), other than dissolution of marriages, addresses issues that pertain to inheritance; child custody; property and land rights...

Paperback: Rs. 28,500.00  Rs. 25,650.00
Supreme Court on Family and Personal Laws ( Set of 4 Vols.)
By Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
  1st Edition 2016
The present four volume Digest covers the law on Marriage, Divorce, Custody, Adoption, Maintenance, Family Property, Partition, Will, Succession and Inheritance as laid...

Hardbound: Rs. 6,500.00  Rs. 5,525.00
Muslim Law of Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance
By Vijay Malik
  2nd Edition, 1988.
The book provides a thorough commentary on the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939 and throws light on the drastic developments in the law relating to maintenance of Muslim women and children. The...

Paperback: Rs. 500.00
Family Law on Divorce and Judicial Separation
By N. Akhtar
  Edition 2003

Rs. 600.00  Rs. 420.00
Family Law Manual - with Digest of Transfer of Matrimonial Cases, Digest of Will Cases and Subject Index
By Sumeet Malik
  2nd Edition, 2015
The current edition of the work is comprehensive and exhaustive compilation of statutory law on the area of family law alongwith extracts from other statutes which may be...

Hardbound: Rs. 795.00  Rs. 676.00
By PARUCK Revised by Justice K Kannan
  11th Edition, 2014
Key Features: Includes extensive discussion on selective discrimination resulting from Amendment Act 26 of 2002 and its...

Hardbound: Rs. 1,995.00  Rs. 1,596.00
Family Law Lectures: Family Law I
By Prof. Kusum
  4th Edition, 2015
1 Deals with laws relating to property and succession, which have tremendous practical importance as they form the subject of asubstantial...

Paperback: Rs. 695.00  Rs. 556.00
Feminist Perspectives on Family Law
By Alison Diduck and Katherine O’Donovan
This book assesses the impact that feminism has had upon family law and examines specific areas of family law from a feminist perspective. It is broad in scope and looks at issues of current legal and...

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LAWS OF INDIA Volume 20: Family Law II
By Halsbury
  2nd Edition, 2014
This volume of Family Law is divided into 9 chapters and covers the current position of law with respect to legitimacy, adoption, custody, guardianship, offences against...

Hardback: Rs. 3,495.00  Rs. 2,796.00