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Age Discrimination Law in Europe

Rs. 9,800.00  Rs. 8,330.00
Constitutional Crisis in the European Constitutional Area: Theory, Law and Politics in Hungary and Romania
By Armin von Bogdandy
The concept of a European Constitutional Area has been used in legal scholarship to describe a common space of constitutionalism where national...

Hardbound: Rs. 7,200.00  Rs. 6,120.00
European Union Treaties: A Commentary
By Rudolf Geiger, Daniel-Erasmus Khan, Markus Ko...
This is the new English edition of a Commentary on the basic European Treaties which has already been very successfully published in five earlier editions in...

Hardbound: Rs. 20,000.00  Rs. 17,000.00
European Convention on Human Rights: Commentary
By Christoph Grabenwarter
  The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) entered into force on September 3, 1953 with binding effect on all Member States of the Council of Europe. It grants...

Hardbound: Rs. 15,200.00  Rs. 12,920.00
Towards a European Legal Culture
By Helleringer, Genevieve& Purnhagen, Kai
This new book presents different dimensions of an emerging European legal culture, a new and complex organic development of legal culture based on the legal traditions of the member states, overlain with layers of...

Hardback: Rs. 25,000.00
The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: A Commentary
By Steve Peers, Tamara Hervey, Jeff Kenner, Ange...
The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union enshrines the key political, social and economic rights of EU citizens and residents in EU law.

Hardbound: Rs. 21,600.00  Rs. 18,360.00
Institutionalised International Law
By Matthias Ruffert, Christian Walter
The importance of the law of international organizations is continually increasing. This textbook, first published in German, explains and analyses not only the structures...

Hardbound: Rs. 7,350.00  Rs. 6,248.00
European State Aid Law - A Commentary
By Franz Jurgen Sacker, Frank Montag
The regulation of state aid belongs to the core areas of European Union law. Without the general prohibition of state subsidies to undertakings...

Hardback: Rs. 28,000.00  Rs. 23,800.00
European Labour Law
By Gregor Thusing
In the beginning Labour Law and Social Security Law were of little significance in the development of European Law. They only played a very minor role in the founding...

Paperback: Rs. 6,320.00  Rs. 5,372.00