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Shiva Gopal's  Conveyancing, Precedents and Forms
By Revised by G.C. Mathur
  6th Edition, Reprinted 2016
Shiva Gopal 's Conveyancing, Precedents & forms is a clear, succinct and practical guide to the subject, and has today assumed the...

Hardcover: Rs. 495.00  Rs. 421.00
Modern Commercial Draftsman
By A.S.R. Rao
  1989 (POD)
This classic work is a quick and easy guide to drafting better documents, agreements, etc., needed in modern day commerce. Being the first book of its kind, it provides invaluable...

Hardcover: Rs. 1,700.00
Murli Manohar's  Art of Conveyancing and Pleading
By Revised by Dr R. Prakash
  2nd Edition, 2004
The new second edition of the work has been thoroughly revised and enlarged. It now incorporates the exhaustive amendments made in the Civil Procedure Code and other Acts and Rules and the numerous...

Paperback: Rs. 175.00  Rs. 157.00
Supreme Court on Deeds & Documents And Shiva Gopal's Conveyancing, Precedents And Forms
By Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik, G.C. Mathur
  2013 Edition
Supreme Court on Deeds & Documents: This unique and classic compendium covers the case-law as laid down by...

Hardbound: Rs. 1,370.00  Rs. 1,230.00
Conveyancing- Deeds, Forms, Precedents
By Sir Jai Lal
  2nd Edition, 2016
The fast pace of social and economic changes resulting in frequent and important changes in various branches of law makes it almost imperative that legal documents be...

Hardback: Rs. 1,295.00  Rs. 1,036.00
Mogha's Law of Pleadings in India with Precedents, 18th Edition
By G.C. Mogha, Former District
  18th Edition, 2013, Second Reprint 2016
An outstanding work by a celebrated author now is appearing in its eighteenth edition as true successor to its past one is enriched by the...

Hardbound: Rs. 1,025.00  Rs. 820.00
Bindra N.S. : Conveyancing, Draftsman & Interpretation of Deeds, 7th Edn. in 7 Vols., Per Set, R/P
By Bindra
Bindra N.S. Conveyancing, Draftsman & Interpretation of Deeds, 7th Edn. in 7 Vols., Per Set, R/P

HB: Rs. 8,500.00  Rs. 6,800.00
Drafting License Agreements (in 2 vols.)
By Michael A. Epstein
  4th Edition, 2007
Deal quickly and effectively with today's most complex licensing issues ... with the insights and guidance of 23 experts who offer their licensing know-how and drafting techniques in the Fourth Edition...

Rs. 3,495.00  Rs. 3,145.00
J. P. Agarwala's : Pleadings & Precedents in India, 3rd Edn. in 2 Volumes, Per Set., R/P
By J. P. Agarwala
  3rd Edition
J. P. Agarwala Pleadings & Precedents in India 3rd Edn. in 2 Vols., Per Set., R/P

Hardback: Rs. 3,795.00  Rs. 3,036.00