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SCC Online Case Finder  (Standard Edition)
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SCC Online Case Finder (Standard Edition)

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Product Details:

Format: DVD ROM
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 34567890
Dimensions: 10 CM X 10 CM X 1 CM
Publisher Code: ONLINE/1
Date Added: 2006-11-10
Search Category: eProducts
Jurisdiction: Indian



SCC Online Case Finder


SCC Online Case Finder contains case-notes (digest notes) from the judgments of the Supreme Court of India of the period 1950-2005.

The case-notes are based on reporting not only in "Supreme Court Cases" but also in other leading law reports. SCC Online Case Finder has wide coverage of the Supreme Court case-law and cross-citations of leading Indian law reports are also provided.

Prepared by the same editorial team that brings you the well well known law report "Supreme Court Cases", the information database can be relied on with full confidence.

The information database and search tools are designed to quickly and easily find the relevant information and thereby save the user's time and energy. Three methods of searching the information are provided

  • Random Search - where the user is able to specify his own search words
  • Topic-wise Search - where the user selects from a list of topics and statutes
  • Name search - where the names of the party is used to locate the relevant case

SCC Online Case Finder is an extremely easy to use legal research tool. Utilising the latest technology, the user interface is so simple to use that even first-time users are able to achieve productivity on this program within a few minutes.

All this is complemented by regular updates to the information database by quarterly replacement of CDs and weekly/fortnightly interim updates on the internet.

Two versions of SCC Online Case Finder are available. To see a feature by feature comparision, see the Comparision Chart.

Features SCC Online Case Finder
Standard Edn. Premium Edn.
Coverage (Case Notes)
Period of Coverage 1950 till date 1950 till date
Topic Coverage All Topics All Topics
Case notes on Journal Articles   Yes
Coverage (Full Text)
Period of Coverage (Searchable Text)    
Period of Coverage ("True Printouts")    
Topic Coverage    
Journal Articles (From SCC)    
CD-ROM Yes Yes
Full install to Hard Disk Yes Yes
DVD Option    
Case note contents
Ruling in capsule form Yes Yes
Party names Yes Yes
Bench strength Yes Yes
Date of judgment Yes Yes
Relevant annotations Yes Yes
Cross citations Yes Yes
Search Tools
Random Yes Yes
Topic wise Yes Yes
Party Name wise Yes Yes
Search in results Yes Yes
View multiple searches   Yes
Simultaneous search in all database   Yes
Search Results
Topic wise Yes Yes
Chronological Yes Yes
Party Name wise Yes Yes
Simultaneous results from all databases   Yes
Productivity enhancing
Hot links Yes Yes
Word Assist Yes Yes
Graphical Icons Yes Yes
Create and save print lists Yes Yes
User annotations   Yes
Bookmarks   Yes
Print case notes Yes Yes
Print from Print List Yes Yes
Print Summary of Case notes Yes Yes
True printouts of Judgments in SCC    
Update Service
On CD-ROM Yes Yes
Overn the Internet (Case notes) Yes Yes
Indian Price (Central Sales Tax 10% extra)
(Delhi Sales Tax 4% extra)
Rs 24,000 Rs 36,000
International Price (Shipping extra) - US$ 800




Convenience and Speed:

that you will marvel at
SCC Online Case Finder is a very powerful computer software program which helps the busy legal professional research the massive legal information database by just the touch of a few keys at lightning speed.

A continuous facility:

always available on your computer
The entire information database of the SCC Online Case Finder is on only one CD-ROM. It will be installed on your own personal desktop or laptop computer, and can be used endlessly on demand whenever you wish.
Thus, you can utilise the information at your convenience, at any time of day or night, and as often as you want! This gives you complete flexibility and control over your research with full secrecy and confidentiality.

Can be installed by the user himself
The installation procedure for the Case Finder software program is extremely simple. Any user familiar with Microsoft® Windows™ can install Case Finder and its update without the assistance of any professional.

No intricate computer commands:

to be learnt
The search software of the Case Finder is very easy to use and no previous computer experience is necessary. Extremely user friendly, this software program runs on the Microsoft® Windows™. Even a novice will find it very easy to use.
So much so that many of our users find using the Case Finder search program easier than searching through books.

Authentic and reliable:

prepared by a well-qualified and experienced team
The Information Database of SCC Online Case Finder has been meticulously prepared by the experienced editorial staff of the well-known law report "Supreme Court Cases™" and SCC Digests. The rulings have been properly extracted and classified under various topic/statute and sub-topic headings. With such credentials, Case Finder has won the faith of thousands of professionals and the user can place full confidence on it.

Cross-citations to all important journals:

The SCC Online Case Finder is based on reporting in "Supreme Court Cases™"(SCC) and other leading law reports for the widest coverage of the Supreme Court case-law. Cross-citations are provided of other selected journals like AIR, ITR, STC, Comp Cas, Cri LJ, LLJ, LLN, Lab IC, SLR, ELT, etc. and other notable provincial and specialised journals.

Intelligent searching techniques:

that save user's time and effort
The design & structure of the information database and the searching tools is such that the search can be tuned to yield the much needed information, by weeding out the non-relevant information, thus saving the user's precious time and energy.

The following three search methods are available to the user:

Random Search - allows users to specify their own 'Search Words' A powerful random search facility is provided so that users can look for the occurrence of the familiar or desired word or phrase i.e. any concept, topic, statute, section or judge's name etc. which may occur anywhere in the Case Finder database without bothering about the proper topic or statute heading under which it may be located. The user has to just type the search word(s) and press a key. The Case Finder search program will search the entire database and list all the resultant case-notes with the word, phrase or provision searched for highlighted on the screen. These can then be read on the screen, selected and a printout obtained on a printer.

Topic-wise search - for locating information on a given topic/statute An extremely detailed list of topics/ statutes is provided. The user has to merely select the topic/sub-topic or statute/rule of his interest from the alphabetical list which appears on the computer screen. The Case Finder program will then search out the related case-notes and present them on the screen. This list serves as a topic and statute index to the information contained in the database, and performs a function similar to that of an index of a book.

Name search facility
If the name or even a part of the name is known of either party of any reported judgment it can be retrieved. Further research can then be carried out using this as a lead to find the relevant topic/sub-topic or search words.

Search results:

arranged in one-line format for quick selection
The results of the query made to the information database are presented in one-line format with option of alphabetical topic-wise, party-wise or chronological order. The user can then select and read the case-notes most relevant to him. The compact and comprehensive case-notes contain rulings in a capsule form along with party names, citations and relevant annotations. They can be studied on the computer screen itself and/or printed out for immediate use or future reference.

Bench strength information:

Each note also lists the number of Judges on the Bench so that strength of the ruling can be assessed/compared.

Preparation of 'short list' before printing
Users of Case Finder can select and compile a list of the case-notes of their interest in a 'Print List' while browsing through the Information Database. This list can then be reviewed at the end of the session and unwanted case-notes deleted before taking a final printout. The Print List can also be saved for later review or continuation of research. This feature helps to organise the research as well as saves printing time and paper.

Easy to follow Instruction Manual:

The Combined Instruction Manual for SCC Online Case Finder 2010 & Supreme Court Cases Full Text on CD-ROM is very lucid, simple and well-illustrated. It contains step-by-step instructions and examples for easy understanding of the features of the program.

Regular Updates:

through the Update Service
Subscribers to the Update Service will be provided regular updates of the latest information. New updated CDs will be sent every quarter to the subscribers and Interim updates will also be made available frequently on our Internet site, thus making the Information Database up-to-date on a recurrent basis. Case Finder has a regular and reliable update service which is now in its seventh year of successful operation.
Note : Interim updates are not available for Supreme Court Criminal Case Finder.

Facility for 'Annotation' and 'Bookmarks':

The user can add his own annotations, remarks or pointers to any of the case-notes. These annotations will be stored with the information database itself and can be searched at will later on. Individual case-notes can also be "bookmarked" at the user's preference for easy retrieval and reference.

Multiple Searches available simultaneously:

This feature of SCC Online Case Finder enables you to have multiple simultaneously available search results. This means that at any given time you can have several search results available without having to re-execute those searches.

View search results of multiple:

Information Databases
This feature of SCC Online Case Finder enables you to search multiple Information Databases simultaneously and view the results of all the search areas at the same time. The results of each Information Database searched are available as a tab in the Results box.

Notes of Articles published in Supreme Court Cases:

Notes based on the incisive articles published in Supreme Court Cases™ are now included in the Premium range of products. These can be searched in the same manner as the case-notes.

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