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R.V. Kelkar's Lectures on  Criminal Procedure
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R.V. Kelkar's Lectures on Criminal Procedure

by Dr. K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai
Edition: 6th Edition, 2017

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R.V. Kelkar's Lectures on  Criminal Procedure
Repatriation of Prisoners Act, 2003 - (Bare Act)
Law of Torts
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Pages: 536 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 978-93-5145-499-1
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 2.27 CM X 16 CM
Publisher Code: AC/499
Date Added: 2017-04-22
Search Category: Textbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian


Pillai’s R.V. Kelkar's Lectures on Criminal Procedure is an authoritative commentary on the subject. The latest edition of this book has been updated with the latest statutory amendments and case laws.

Following are the outstanding features of this book:

  1. This book has been written in a unique format of “lectures” instead of “chapters”.

  2. All lectures have been arranged “topic-wise” in a logical order, a feature that is rarely found commentaries on CrPC.

  3. Each topic includes all connected provisions which are explained in a lucid and easy to understand way.

  4. Exercises and questions have been added at the end of each lecture to encourage students to analyse the provisions of the law and make a deeper study of the subject.

  5. This edition includes the changes made in the Code by the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013.

This edition also comes with a companion web resource EBC ExplorerTM (www.ebcexplorer.com) which provides FREE access to:

  • Important case law indicated by Case PilotTM.

  • Important statutes indicated by Statute PilotTM.

  • Discussion ForumTM to post comments, discuss issues and explore ideas.

  • SCC OnlineR Blog to stay updated on recent development in this area.

  • Useful LinksTM feature to get access to a compilation of free resources.


  • Academy Law Review : The qualities are too numerous to evaluate and it is too difficult to find out errors. The format remaining Kelkarian, the reviser has proved himself to be a proud student of the illustrious author. All important aspects are supported by the latest Supreme Court and High Court decisions. The exercises at the end of the lectures based on the latest decisions and articles ably prove the amount of research done in the preparation of the work. The source of information and the material mentioned in the exercises will certainly help a teacher to prepare for his classes. The contents and the subject index are well prepared.
  • Review Projector : Dr. Pillai has done a very fine work in updating and supplementing the original edition. He has, thus, provided valuable reading material to the students of law.
  • Delhi Law Review : The topical headings are enriched with statutory references and case-law citations, apart from academic writings. The language is very simple and the presentation is very effective. The book is an excellent work, which would be of immense use not only for law students as a text book but also for the Bench and the Bar as a quick reference book on criminal procedure.
  • Kerala Law Times : The book has been enriched with a large number of references and a useful index at the end. The approach is two fold: Not only are the basic principles and doctrines analysed and discussed, effort is also made to include the most recent developments in one of the most rapidly changing branches.
  • Administrator : The uniqueness of the book lies in the fact that it has treated the subject matter in a simple language and easy style. It contains an accurate and well laid summary of the principles of law and their application in various situations. The book has become very interesting.
  • Cochin University Law Review : It is an accepted fact that in the present day scholarly legal writings there is a definite communication gap between the author and the reader. This book is an exception.
  • Gujarat Law Reporter: There are numerous books published on Criminal Procedure Code, but the present one is a classic itself. It brings out the intricacies of the principles and provisions, behind the judicial decisions in precise, concise and lucid terms and language. … It’s a unique book, immensely useful to lawyers practicing on Criminal side, and students to keep abreast with this branch of law.
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Table Of Contents:

Lecture 1 Some Preliminary Considerations 1
Lecture 2 Functionaries Under the Code 11
Lecture 3 Arrest 24
Lecture 4 Search and Seizure 49
Lecture 5 Investigation 61
Lecture 6 Local Jurisdiction of the Courts and the Police 109
Lecture 7 Cognizance of Offence and Commencement of Judicial Proceedings 120
Lecture 8 Bail 148
Lecture 9 Principal Features of Fair Trial 177
Lecture 10 Types of Trials: Some Common Features 192
Lecture 11 Charge 214
Lecture 12 Trial of Warrant Cases 228
Lecture 13 Procedure for Trial of Summons Cases and Summary Trial 245
Lecture 14 Disposal of Criminal Cases Without Full Trial 253
Lecture 15 Judgment 275
Lecture 16 Appeals 294
Lecture 17 Reference, Revision and Transfer 319
Lecture 18 Execution of Sentence and Other Connected Matters 339
Lecture 19 Preventive Measures and Security Proceedings 356
Lecture 20 Maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents 393
Lecture 21 Juvenile Justice 413
Lecture 22 Probation 421

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