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India, NRIs & The Law
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India, NRIs & The Law

by Malhotra Anil
Edition: 2009 Edition
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About 30 million non-resident Indians (NRIs) have settled and thrived in almost 130 countries on the globe. The link and retention of their ties with their extended families in India has found expression in issues relating to immigration, nationality, marriage, divorce, inter-parental child removal, spousal maintenance, division of matrimonial property, inter-country adoptions, succession and inheritance, tenancy of Indian property and last but not the least surrogacy arrangements. Foreign law practitioners are at sea attempting to resolve these problems for lack of any authentic source of information on these subjects. Applicability of foreign laws, validity of judgments pronounced overseas and vericts of Indian Courts which need expounding are consequential issues requiring interpretation and expert opinion. Till date, no reported commentary of private international law in the exclusive Indian context provides comprehensive answers to these human problems of the Indian diaspora and the global Indian. The proposed publication is thus sought to be a universal answer for the aggrieved spouse, foreign litigant, overseas practitioner, or any lay person who simply wants to know where he stands.This unique reader friendly concise and crisp presentation in short individual articles and some detailed expositions pose the problems and attempts to provide the answers. The author with his 25 years expertise has attempted to project these human problems as he has experienced them professionally and resolved them to the best of his abilities,. References to case law wherever necessary have been provided for the professional reader who wants an accurate and expeditious run down on Indian law on the subject of marriage, divorce, domestic violence issues, adoption, child abduction. surrogacy, immigration, property, probate and wils, nationality and citizenship issues. Additionally, some anecdotes dot the legal skyline of the book and a few reminiscences of international law conferences indicate exchanage of thoughts.

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