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Law of Marriage and Divorce in India (1989 Edition)
By B.P. Beri
  2nd Edition, 1989
This is the second edition of the author's monumental work. As a background study, the evolution of marriage and divorce has been traced from the historical past to the present day. The law as...

Hardcover: Rs. 200.00  Rs. 166.00
Muslim Law of Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance
By Vijay Malik
  2nd Edition, 1988.
The book provides a thorough commentary on the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939 and throws light on the drastic developments in the law relating to maintenance of Muslim women and children. The...

Paperback: Rs. 500.00
Key to Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance Practice & Procedures
By Narender Kumar
  Year 2011

Paperback: Rs. 160.00  Rs. 128.00
Marriage Dowry Practice and Divorce
By Dr. S. Gokilavani and Dr. S. Gabriel Jelestin
  Year 2008
"India venerates women as goddesses and mothers. Rivers and the nations are named as women. There have been poets and great men in India who have crusaded that women should be...

Paperback: Rs. 880.00  Rs. 616.00
Law of Marriage Maintenance Separation and Divorce
By Aiyar S. Krishnamurthi
  4th Edition, 2012
The book comprehends a multitude of enactments pertaining to marriage with its attendant statutes with great alacrity, ardency and promptitude and creates an...

Paperback: Rs. 1,395.00  Rs. 1,116.00
Indian Law of Marriage and Divorce
By Kumud Desai (Revised by Professor Kusum)
  10th Edition 2017
This book is a compilation of marriage and divorce laws from various personal laws as well as secular statues of the country such as Hindu...

Hardback: Rs. 2,495.00  Rs. 1,996.00