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Equity, Trusts and Specific Relief with a chapter on Fiduciary Relationship
By B.M. Gandhi
  4th Edition, Reprinted 2017
The author has traced the evolution of the principles of equity in India, covering in the process all aspects of the subject. The aim and...

Paperback: Rs. 415.00  Rs. 353.00
Public Trusts and Taxation
By V.K. Varadachari
  1987 Edition.
The book is intended to present a detailed study on the subject of taxation of public, religious and charitable trusts.While trusts serve a very useful social objective, they have also...

Hardcover: Rs. 125.00
Formation & Management of a SOCIETY (with Income Tax of Societies) 2012
By Nabhi`s Board of Editors
  24rd edition, August 2012
  Being a practical handbook for formation and day-to-day management of...

Paperback: Rs. 470.00  Rs. 376.00