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From Widgets to Digits
By Stone
From Widgits to Digits is about the changing nature of the employment relationship and its implications for labor and employment law. For most of the twentieth century, employers fostered long-term employment...

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Self-Regulation in Cyberspace
By Mifsud Bonnici, Jeanne P.& Bonnici, Jeanne Pi...
An examination of how private and state regulations govern our behaviour on the Internet.

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Morality in a Technological World  1 font face=arial>Knowledge as Duty
By Lorenzo Magnani
  2007 Edition
The technological advances of contemporary society have outpaced our moral understanding of the problems that they create. How will we deal with profound ecological changes, human cloning, and eroding...

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Information Technology &  Communication Cases  (ITCC)
By Surendra Malik, Sumeet Malik and Sudeep Malik
  2014 (Volumes 1 to 11 Released)
This law report would be immensely useful for all law firms dealing with telecom companies or with technology related issues like...

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Dispute Resolution in Electronic Commerce
By Zhao
The rapid development of electronic commerce has given rise to a new generation of commercial practices and the need to address the issue of resolving disputes arising out of such practices; only...

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