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Dispensation Of Justice
By R.K. Singh
  In the present book, efforts have been made to identify the problems faced by the seekers of Justice with respect to the delivery of legal services. The quality of legal services available to...

Rs. 400.00  Rs. 280.00
Gender Justice : Women and Law in India
By Monica Chawla
  Edition 2006

Hardback: Rs. 880.00  Rs. 792.00
Feminine Jurisprudence in India: Women's Right
By G. Sharma
  Edition 2008

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Mistakes in Contract Law New as paperback
By Catharine MacMillan
  January 2012
It is a matter of some difficulty for the English lawyer to predict the effect of a misapprehension upon the formation of a contract. The common law doctrine of mistake is a confused one, with...

Rs. 2,125.00  Rs. 1,700.00
Family Law, Gender and the State
By Diduck, Alison& Kaganas, Felicity
  3 Rev ed, 2012
The third edition of this work on family law, comprising text, cases and materials, provides not only an explication of legal principle but also explores, primarily from a feminist perspective, some of the assumptions...

Rs. 3,330.00
Domestic Violence and International Law
By Meyersfeld, Bonita
This book provides a legal analysis for why a state should be accountable for allowing women to suffer extreme forms of domestic violence .

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Methodologies of Legal Research
This book explores questions about the coverage and identity of legal research in terms of its expansion to an interdisciplinary field.

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