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By Muthuswamy
  2016 Edition
In the year 1955, as an Accountant in Delhi, he had the opportunity to conduct regular free classes for the benefit of his junior colleagues. He edited his lectures and circulated cyclostyled notes on a non-profit...

Swamy39s Handbook for CGS 2017 With Free Master Diary 2017:
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Swamy39s Handbook for CGS 2017 With Free Master Diary 2017:
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Swamy's Handbook for CGS 2015 - With Free Diary
By Muthuswamy Brinda
  2015 Edition
Swamy’s Handbook is an essential book for all Central Govt. Officers, employees and libraries as it provides a gist of all the service rules in one place. The latest...

Paperback: Rs. 290.00  Rs. 190.00
Swamy's Compilation of FRSR Part III - Leave Rules
By Muthuswamy and Brinda
  45th Edition, 2017
An up-to-date, comprehensive, self-contained and reliable reference compendium on CCS (Leave) Rules 1972, presented in an easy-to-refer manner with brief meaningful headings for Government decisions....

Paperback: Rs. 250.00  Rs. 213.00
Swamy's Compilation of FRSR Part II - T.A. Rules
By Muthuswamy and Brinda
  22nd Edition, 2015
(1) Supplementary Rules relating to T.A. (2) Powers delegated to various authorities (3) T.A. to non-official members (4) T.A. under the...

Paperback: Rs. 250.00  Rs. 213.00
Personal Service Record of Government Employees
By Muthuswamy and Brinda
Personal Memoranda Details of Family Service Details Casual Leave Account Earned Leave Account Half-Pay Leave Account Record...

Paper Back: Rs. 120.00  Rs. 102.00
Swamy's Compilation of General Provident Fund Rules
By Muthuswamy and Brinda
  35th edition, 2017
General Provident Fund (Central Services) Rules, 1960, with Government of India's Orders and Decisions thereunder.Provident Funds Act. Memorandum explanatory of...

Paperback: Rs. 165.00  Rs. 140.00
Swamy's Compilation of Staff Car Rules
By Muthuswamy and Brinda
  19th Edition, 2015
Rules and Government's Orders regarding--Control of Staff Cars Responsibilities of Controlling Officers

Paperback: Rs. 125.00  Rs. 106.00
Swamys Know Your Retirement Benefits for Central Government Employees and Pensioners
By Muthuswamy and Brinda
Guidelines regarding Gratuity, Pension, Commutation, Dearness Relief and Family Pension; Group Insurance/Savings Fund, GPF, Deoposit-linked Insurance and Medicare;

Paperback: Rs. 155.00  Rs. 132.00
Swamy's T.A. Rules Made Easy
By Muthuswamy and Brinda
  43rd edition, 2013
Dealing with Travelling Allowances, Joining Time and Leave Travel Concession. Incorporating the latest amendments based on the recommendations of Sixth Pay...

Paperback: Rs. 165.00  Rs. 140.00