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Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information
This volume deals with issues on freedom of expression and freedom of information and emphasizes the importance of the free exchange and dissemination of ideas and of open, and therefore more accountable, government.

Hardback: Rs. 8,800.00
Law of Freedom of Information: First Cumulative Supplement
By Braham, Colin
A supplement to "The Law of Freedom of Information", this work covers the key developments in the subject up to June 2005. It includes analysis of the guidance issued by the Department for Constitutional Affairs in...

Paperback: Rs. 11,000.00
Blackstone's Guide to the Identity Cards Act
By Wadham, John& Gallagher, Caoilfhionn& Chrolav...
The Identity Cards Act 2006 is a major piece of legislation which will fundamentally change the relationship between the state and the individual for people residing in the UK. Structured in a clear way following the...

Paperback: Rs. 5,800.00
License to Harass
By Nielsen, Laura Beth
Offensive street speech - racist and sexist remarks that can make its targets feel both psychologically and physically threatened - is common in our society. This title argues that racist and sexist speech creates,...

Paperback: Rs. 3,000.00
Freedom of Speech and Employment
By Vickers, Lucy
This work examines employment law implications for employees who exercise the right to freedom of speech, and argues for increased rights to free speech in this context. After a study of the philosophical basis for...

Hardback: Rs. 11,250.00
Living Speech
By White, James Boyd
Language is our key to imagining the world, others, and ourselves. Yet sometimes our ways of talking dehumanize others and trivialize human experience. In war other people are imagined as enemies to be killed. This book...

Paperback: Rs. 3,200.00
Republic.Com 2.0
By Sunstein, Cass R.
Thinks about the critical relationship between democracy and the Internet in a world where partisan Weblogs have emerged as a significant political force. This book highlights research on how people are using the...

Paperback: Rs. 2,400.00
Muting Israeli Democracy
By Schejter, Amit M.
Argues that the laws governing Israeli electronic media are structured to limit the boundaries of public discourse. This title contends that free speech in Israel is institutionally muted to ensure the continued...

Paperback: Rs. 1,699.00
Extreme Speech and Democracy
This book considers the constitutionality of hate speech regulation, and examines how liberal democracies have adopted fundamental differences in the way they respond to racist or extreme expressions.

Paperback: Rs. 4,449.00