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Liturgy, Order and the Law
By Bursell, Rupert D.H.
Exploring the degree to which liturgical law is correctly understood and applied, this study describes and analyzes a wide range of topics. It provides not merely a statement of legal principles, but also a discussion...

Hardback: Rs. 8,600.00
English Canon Law
This collection of essays seeks to acknowledge the lifetime contribution of Eric Kemp to the study, teaching and reform of the ecclesiastical laws of England, and to re-evaluate the development and practice of canon law...

Hardback: Rs. 6,000.00
Legal Framework of the Church of England
By Doe, Norman
This work describes the formal law of the Church of England, the internal system of rule making within the church and the applicability of secular law to church activities. It covers many topics, which are examined and...

Hardback: Rs. 19,000.00
Canon Law, Religion and Politics
Canon Law, Religion, and Politics extends and honors the work of the distinguished historian Robert Somerville, a preeminent expert on medieval

Hardback: Rs. 7,500.00
Freedom of Religion
By Taylor, Paul M.
A critique of the treatment of the right to freedom of religion within the UN and Europe, first published in 2005.

Hardback: Rs. 9,200.00
Rise and Fall of the English Ecclesiastical Courts
By Outhwaite, R. B.
Tracing the history of growth and then the slow disappearance of English law and social regulation.

Hardback: Rs. 10,900.00
Sexual Slander in Nineteenth-Century England
By Waddams, S.M.
Until 1855, slanderous language was punishable in Britain's ecclesiastical courts. Waddams shows how the law worked not only in theory but in practice. The evidence of the witnesses supplies fascinating details of...

Hardback: Rs. 8,500.00
Liberty and Law
By Tierney, Brian
Examines a previously underappreciated theme in legal history - the idea of permissive natural law. The idea is mentioned only peripherally, if at all, in modern histories of natural law. Yet it engaged the attention of...

Paperback: Rs. 3,996.00
Canon Law and Episcopal Authority
By Stephens, Christopher W. B.
This book begins with a close study of the canons of Antioch and proposes a new chronology for their composition. It then works from that conclusion to demonstrate the significance of canon law as a resource for...

Hardback: Rs. 13,000.00