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Cross-Border Transactions of Intermediated Securities
By Chun, Changmin

Hardback: Rs. 17,999.00
Reasonableness and Responsibility: A Theory of Contract Law
By Hevia, Martin
This unique monograph on the Rawlsian principles of contract law advocates an understanding of the topic based on common agreement that contractual terms be reasonable-in other words, acceptable to reasonable people...

Hardback: Rs. 8,999.00
Allgemeiner Teil des Burgerlichen Rechts
By Flume, Werner

Hardback: Rs. 11,999.00
Recovering Stolen Assets
  1 New ed, 2008

Paperback: Rs. 10,260.00
Transforming Lives
By Legal Services Research Centre

Paperback: Rs. 1,500.00
Commentary on the Italian Code of Civil Procedure
By Grossi, Simona& Cristina Pagni, Maria

Hardback: Rs. 27,000.00
Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure
This volume describes and analyzes how litigation costs are distributed in civil procedure in key countries worldwide, comparing the various approaches, drawing general conclusions and presenting broad, global trends as...

Paperback: Rs. 8,999.00
History and Theory of Children's Citizenship in Contemporary Societies
By Milne, Brian
This book examines the notion of children having full citizenship. It does so historically, through intellectual discourse, beliefs, and moral and ideological positions, and from a variety of disciplines, including...

Hardback: Rs. 11,999.00
Essays on the Doctrinal Study of Law
By Aarnio, Aulis
Written from 40 years of research in civil law and the philosophy of law, this volume focuses on the interpretation and systematisation of legal norms. The text also includes an updated discussion on the writings of...

Hardback: Rs. 10,999.00