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Law as a Social System
By Luhmann, Niklas
In this volume, Niklas Luhmann, an exponent of systems theory, explores its implications for our understanding of law. The volume provides an application to law of a theory that offers insights into the relationships...

Hardback: Rs. 19,250.00  Rs. 16,363.00
Legal Philosophies
By Harris, J.W.
  2 Rev ed, 1997
Provides a clear guide to the main topics in a jurisprudence or legal theory course with the novice in mind. Looking at the emergence of 'Critical Legal Studies' and 'Feminist Jurisprudence', this book also provides...

Paperback: Rs. 4,499.00
Future of Human Rights in the United Kingdom
By Singh, Rabinder, QC
This book considers the future of human rights. It tries to dispel myths about judicial protection of human rights, examines the implications of integrating the European Convention on Human Rights into domestic law, and...

Paperback: Rs. 6,999.00
Equal Justice
By Rakowski, Eric
A novel theory of distributive justice premised on the fundamental moral equality of persons. In the light of his theory, the author considers three types of problems - the distribution of resources, property rights,...

Hardback: Rs. 5,900.00
Rational as Reasonable
By Aarnio, Aulis

Hardback: Rs. 17,999.00
Global Governance and the Quest for Justice
This book focuses on human rights in the context of "globalisation" together with the principle of "respect for human rights and human dignity".

Paperback: Rs. 4,199.00
Juristic Concept of the Validity of Statutory Law
By Grabowski, Andrzej& Kieltyka, Malgorzata
  2013, 2013

Hardback: Rs. 12,999.00
Principles of Law
By Bayles, Michael D.
  Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987, 1987

Paperback: Rs. 4,499.00