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Climate Change from a Criminological Perspective
Presenting innovative research on the links between climate change and crime, this book features contributions from a panel of pioneering 'green' criminologists who interrogate the increasingly complex nexus of...

Hardback: Rs. 9,999.00
Sub-contracts DOM/1 and DOM/2
By Riding, Don
aeo large proportion of building work now done by sub--contractors aeo shortage of guidance on standard sub--contracts and much misunderstanding among sub--contractors aeo sub--contractorsa rights often abused by main...

Hardback: Rs. 10,075.00
Measurement of Building Services
By Murray, George P.
This text provides explanations of the rules and requirements of SMM7 regarding the measurement of building services. References are made to the SMM7 Measurement Code where appropriate. Another feature considered is the...

Paperback: Rs. 5,699.00
Building Acts and Regulations Applied: Buildings for Public Assembly and Residential Use
By Barritt, C. M. H.
This text covers building regulations as they apply to all building types apart from houses, flats, shops, offices and factories. Therefore, any building where people assemble in number or any in which people reside,...

Paperback: Rs. 4,299.00
Environmental Protection and the Common Law
Written by experts in the field, the focus of this book is on the challenges posed by accommodating tort with environmental law.

Hardback: Rs. 8,500.00
Environmental Crime
By Situ-Liu, Yingyi& Emmons, David
After defining environmental crime and discussing the extent of the environmental crisis, this book explores the causes, investigation, prosecution and prevention of all types of environmental crime.

Paperback: Rs. 9,600.00
European Model of Agriculture
By Cardwell, Michael N.
In order to meet the economic and environmental challenges faced by the European farming industry, the EU has advocated a "European Model of Agriculture" to provide a competitive and diverse agricultural sector. This...

Hardback: Rs. 13,750.00
Federalism and the Environment
By Galligan, Brian& Morton, F.& Holland, Kenneth...
This volume attempts to solve the paradox of how a country can have effective laws protecting the environment, vigorously enforced, when legislative and administrative powers are divided between two tiers of government....

Hardback: Rs. 7,400.00
Environmental Law for the Built Environment
By Rostron, Jack& Jackson, R. P.& Legge, David& ...
Provides a concise exposition of the relevant law and techniques commonly used to meet the regulatory requirements concerning the built environment. This book covers aspects of environmental law and technology that...

Paperback: Rs. 3,699.00