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Silence, Confessions and Improperly Obtained Evidence
By Mirfield, Professor Peter
This book examines the whole of the pre-trial phase of criminal investigation including the law relating to confessions, the right to silence, the admissibility of evidence obtained during pre-trial investigation and...

Hardback: Rs. 14,500.00
Origins of Adversary Criminal Trial
By Langbein, John H.
The lawyer-dominated adversary system of criminal trial, which typifies practice in Anglo-American legal systems, developed in England in the eighteenth century. This work shows how and why lawyers were able to capture...

Hardback: Rs. 8,000.00
Expert Evidence and Criminal Justice
By Redmayne, Mike
As an increasing range of expert evidence becomes available to it, the criminal justice system must answer a series of questions such as: should experts be permitted to give evidence on the credibility of witnesses?...

Hardback: Rs. 11,250.00
Innovations in Evidence and Proof
This brings together fifteen leading scholars and law teachers to explore and debate the latest developments in Evidence and Proof scholarship.

Paperback: Rs. 3,799.00
Criminal Evidence
By Roberts, Paul& Zuckerman, Adrian
  2 Rev ed, 2010
Criminal Evidence presents a distinctive and critical commentary on the rules and principles that regulate the admission of evidence and fact-finding in English criminal trials. Stimulating and provocative, this is the...

Paperback: Rs. 4,799.00
Digital Evidence in the Courtroom

Paperback: Rs. 6,199.00
Cases and Materials on Evidence
By Cooper, Simon& etc.& Murphy, Peter& Beaumont,...
  4 Rev ed, 1997

Paperback: Rs. 5,999.00
Criminal Evidence and Procedure
By Seabrooke, Stephen& Sprack, John
  2 Rev ed, 1999

Paperback: Rs. 7,200.00