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Commentaries on  The Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939
By Anwar Ahmad Qadriii
  1961 Edition.
By enacting the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939, the legislature made a distinct endeavour to ameliorate the lot of the Muslim...

Hardcover: Rs. 201.00  Rs. 100.50
The Indian Supreme Court and the Constitution  (A Study of the Process of Construction)
By M. Imam with a foreword by Hon'ble Mr. Justic...
  With Supplement, 1973.
The subject of analysis in this book is the nature and significance of the judicial process adopted by the Supreme Court in the construction of the Constitution. It is a study in its entirety, of the...

Hardcover: Rs. 200.50  Rs. 67.00
A.P. Mathur's  Commentaries on Gambling Acts in India
By Revised & Edited by K.K. Malik
  2nd Edition, 1973 
The purpose of this book is to explain with the support of case-law as to what is gambling and what is not gambling in the eyes of the law. In the light of judicial decisions on the subject, this book...

Hardcover: Rs. 600.00  Rs. 540.00
Accidents Claims Journal (ACJ)
  2016 Subscription, (Reg. Post)
  Accidents Claims Journal (ACJ) is the...

Rs. 4,800.00
Transport and Accidents Cases (TAC) [Monthly]
  2014 Subscription

Paperback: Rs. 4,000.00
AIR Accident Claims and Compensation cases
  2017 Subscription [Regd. Post]

Rs. 3,900.00