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Modern Hindu Law
By Ramesh Chandra Nagpal
  2nd Edition, 2008 with Supplement, 2015
The current second edition of this much acclaimed book incorporates all the latest amendments and up-to-date case-law.An opinion expressed in the first...

Hardcover: Rs. 1,250.00  Rs. 1,063.00
Medical Jurisprudence - Jhala and Raju's  Medical Jurisprudence
By Revised by R.M. Jhala
  6th Edition, 1997.
This very popular work has been widely accepted and appreciated by the judiciary and the medical and legal fraternity as a useful reference book. The book presents technical, medical material in...

Hardcover: Rs. 400.00  Rs. 332.00
Family Law Manual - with Digest of Transfer of Matrimonial Cases, Digest of Will Cases and Subject Index
By Sumeet Malik
  2nd Edition, 2015
The current edition of the work is comprehensive and exhaustive compilation of statutory law on the area of family law alongwith extracts from other statutes which may be...

Hardbound: Rs. 795.00  Rs. 676.00
  8th Edition, 2004
A seasoned presentation of the principles of Mohammendan Law in the form of sections with a thorough discussion of all details by copious references to the original authorities with an exposition...

Hardback: Rs. 1,150.00  Rs. 920.00
Law relating to  Women & Children
By Mamta Rao
  3rd Edition, 2012

Paperback: Rs. 575.00  Rs. 489.00
चिकित्सा न्यायशास्त्र - Chikitsa Nyayashastra (Medical Jurisprudence in Hindi)
By B.L. Babel
  6th Edition, 2014
Free PDF Download Chikitsa Nyayashastra (Medical Jurisprudence in Hindi) Table of...

Paperback: Rs. 345.00  Rs. 310.50
Muslim Law of Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance
By Vijay Malik
  2nd Edition, 1988.
The book provides a thorough commentary on the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939 and throws light on the drastic developments in the law relating to maintenance of Muslim women and children. The...

Paperback: Rs. 500.00
Vivah Evam Talaak Vidhi [Law of Marriage and Divorce (in Hindi)]
By Basanti Lal Babel
  2014 Edition
This authoritative and systematic work discusses at length the law relating to Marriage and Divorce. The present first edition of the book is divided into five parts,...

Paperback: Rs. 345.00  Rs. 293.00
Muslim Law - (Hindi) - मुस्लिम विधि - Khalid Rashid's Muslim Vidhi
By V.P. Bhartiya
  2nd Edition, 2010
This comprehensive work lucidly explains the principles of law governing Muslims in India. The new second edition of this very popular work has been thoroughly revised and updated with case law brought...

Rs. 235.00  Rs. 200.00