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Payment Order of Antiquity and the Middle Ages
By Geva, Benjamin
Examining the legal history of the order to pay money initiating a funds transfer, the author tracks basic principles of modern law to those that governed the payment order of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Rs. 10,800.00
The Art of Justice  The Judges Perspective
By Ruth Herz
  September 2012
This book presents a unique and intriguing collection of drawings of courtroom scenes. Entering the courtroom wearing his robe, Judge Pierre Cavellat literally had a secret up his sleeve. Hidden in it...

Rs. 2,975.00  Rs. 2,380.00
Principles of Personal Property Law
By Sheehan, Duncan
The law of personal property covers a wide spectrum, however hitherto its structure has been neglected in the academic texts. This new textbook takes the view that it is a system and can best be understood as such. It...

Rs. 3,870.00
New Law of Peaceful Protest
By Mead, David
As well as providing a rigorous analysis this book is underpinned by several thematic discussions that run throughout the text.

Rs. 6,000.00  Rs. 5,100.00
  6th Edition, 2004
 The Standards of Weights & Measurers Act, 1976 came into force in the year 1976. Necessities of human being in the society...

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Hart Studies in Competition Law - no. 2State Aid and the European Economic Constitution
By Francesco de Cecco
  December 2012
Recent years have seen the rise of EU State aid law as a crucial component of the European economic constitution. To date, however, the literature has neglected the contribution of this area of EU law to...

Rs. 4,250.00  Rs. 3,400.00
Chinese Business Law
By Bu, Yianshi& Mota, Carlos Esplugues
Thanks to China's place in the world economic system, Chinese law sparks great interest among foreign readers. This handbook of modern Chinese business law provides an overview of the legal environment in which...

Rs. 15,000.00  Rs. 12,750.00
Exploring the Mandatory Life Sentence for Murder
By Mitchell, Barry& Roberts, Julian V.
This book looks at the legal nature of murder and at the current operation of the mandatory life sentence. The book adopts a critical approach, by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the status quo, and also draws...

Rs. 2,970.00
Simester and Sullivans Criminal Law - Fourth Edition Fourth Edition  Theory and Doctrine
By A P Simester, J R Spencer, G R Sullivan and G...
  August 2010
We wanted to write a text on the substantive criminal law which has depth as well as breadth, a book that takes the detail seriously as well as the underlying principles. Our aim was to show the criminal...

Rs. 2,549.00  Rs. 2,039.00