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Introduction to the International Criminal Court
By Schabas, William A.
  3 Rev ed, 2007
Third revised edition.

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In the Common Defense   National Security Law for Perilous Times
By James E. Baker
  2007 Edition
With the undeniable threat that our national security faces today, the law is an important aspect of national security that must be understood to solidify safety in America. With chapters on...

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After The Iraq War
By Vogel
After the Iraq War: The Future of the UN and International Law opens up a powerful and important debate on the future of world order. The military occupation of Iraq by the United States and their allies in Spring...

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Building the International Criminal Court
By Benjamin Schiff
  2008 Edition
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the first and only standing international court capable of prosecuting humanity's worst crimes; genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. It faces...

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The Chemical Weapons Convention
By Edited by Ramesh Thakur and Ere Haru
  2006 Edition
This book project examines the legal international framework surrounding the prohibition of chemical weapons and provides an in-depth explanation of the achievements of the Chemical Weapons Convention...

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Small Arms and Light Weapons: Legal Aspects of National and International Regulations
  December, 2002
This publication focuses on some of the challenges and issues that surround the effective control of small arms and light weapons as well as the implementation of existing legal policies. The...

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