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Corporate Laws of the World: A Handbook
By Gerhard Wegen, Marcel Barth, Andreas Spahling...
This handbook contains detailed reports on the corporate laws of almost 50 countries worldwide. Each country report is approximately 50 pages in length, following a common...

Hardbound: Rs. 28,000.00  Rs. 23,800.00
Corporate Internal Investigations
Corporate Internal Investigations have become increasingly important for businesses as a means to minimise business liability risks. This work reviews the recurring legal questions regarding internal investigations in...

Hardback: Rs. 25,000.00
LexisNexis Corporate Laws (The Companies Act, 2013 with allied Acts, Rules and Regulations) Including The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (Palmtop Edition)
By LexisNexis
  6th Edition 2017
LexisNexis Corporate Laws (The Companies Act, 2013 with allied Acts, Rules and...

Palmtop: Rs. 995.00  Rs. 796.00
The Spirit of Corporate Law: Core Principles of Corporate Law in Continental Europe
By Gunter H. Roth, Peter Kindler
Reading the Company Law Action Plan of the European Commission (issued on 21 May 2003) it is impossible not to gain the impression that European company law policy is...

Hardbound: Rs. 6,800.00  Rs. 5,780.00
Corporate Governance and Chairmanship
By Adrian Cadbury
  1st Indian Edition, 2003
Adrian Cadbury has had considerable experience of boards and chairmanship in Britain and abroad. He was Chairman of Cadbury Schweppes for 14 years and his board appointments have included the Bank of...

Rs. 595.00  Rs. 494.00
Modern Business and Corporate Laws: Theory and Practice
By J.N. Jain, P.P. Singh
  Edition 2007

Rs. 1,780.00  Rs. 1,246.00
Corporate Laws : Administration and Management
By N.K. Jain
  Edition 2007

Rs. 1,150.00  Rs. 805.00
Corporate Tax and Dividend Policy
By Dr Monica Singhania
Description· The Book Presents A Complete Framework Regarding Corporate Tax And Dividend Policy In India.· Snapshot Of Indian Corporate Tax Law.· Research Model Determining The Impact...

Rs. 945.00  Rs. 756.00
Compliance Guide to Corporate Governance
· New clause 49 of Listing Agreement - an Introduction · Board of Directors [CLAUSE 49(I)] · Audit Committee [CLAUSE 49(II)] · Subsidiary Companies [CLAUSE...

Rs. 275.00  Rs. 220.00