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Manual of SEBI ACT, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, Circulars, etc.
By Bharat's
  22nd edn., 2015 in 2 vols.
Manual of SEBI ACT, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, Circulars, etc.

Paperback: Rs. 3,795.00  Rs. 3,036.00
Europe's Foreign and Security Policy
By Michael E. Smith
  Edition 2003
A perceptive, well-informed analysis of the growth of foreign and security policy cooperation between member states of the EU, examining the dynamics that have produced the current policy...

Rs. 3,825.00  Rs. 3,443.00
Capital Markets Law and Compliance
By Nelson, Paul
A practical guide to, and an analysis and critique of, the regulation of capital markets.

Rs. 12,100.00  Rs. 10,285.00
Property in Securities
By Micheler, Eva
Micheler analyses the legal nature of investment securities in German, Austrian and English law.

Rs. 6,400.00  Rs. 5,440.00
Prospectus for the Public Offering of Securities in Europe
Describes the rules applicable on the publication of a prospectus for an offer of securities.

Rs. 11,600.00  Rs. 9,860.00
Convergence in Shareholder Law
By Siems, Mathias M.
Mathias Siems examines whether the shareholder law of six countries is becoming more similar internationally.

Rs. 10,300.00  Rs. 8,755.00
Share Valuation Handbook
By David Collison
  3rd Edition, 2008
The valuation of share in an unquoted company is not a mechanical task: To value a shareholding your need to understand the approach taken by the courts. To...

Rs. 1,995.00  Rs. 1,795.00
Shareholder Participation and the Corporation
By James McConvill
Shareholder Participation and the Corporation explores and evaluates the implications of empirical happiness studies in relation to corporate law and governance, focusing specifically on the role of...

Rs. 4,586.00  Rs. 3,898.00
Equity Share Quotations
  31st March 2010 Edition
DescriptionNSEBSEKolkata Stock Exchange

Paperback: Rs. 150.00  Rs. 120.00