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Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing
  25 Sep 2012
Begins with an overview of the Licensing Act 23 – the key legislation in this areaDiscusses the aims of the legislation and the structure of the ActMuch of the book is devoted to the subject of...

Rs. 3,294.00  Rs. 2,965.00
British Firearms Law Handbook
By Saunsbury, Laura& Doherty, Nick
  7 ed, 2011

Rs. 3,510.00
Licensing Procedures and Precedents
By Philip Hyde
Price shown above includes, on average, a 35% discount available for new subscriptions bought between 1st May – 31st July 21Everything needed for successful licence applications for liquor, gaming...

Rs. 44,000.00  Rs. 39,600.00
Scottish Civic Government Licensing Law
  02 Dec 2009
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Rs. 10,670.00  Rs. 9,603.00
Licensing Law and Practice
  25 Nov 2008
A practical manual that steers practitioners and local authorities through licensing law and procedures, Licensing Law and Practice: Covers licensing and gambling law and practice in comprehensive...

Rs. 29,441.00  Rs. 26,497.00
Local Authority Licensing and Registration
By Philip Hyde
This comprehensive work provides all that is needed for local authority licence applications or registrations . Areas covered include the full range of alcohol licences, taxis, casinos, houses in...

Rs. 90,750.00  Rs. 81,675.00
Licensing (Scotland) Act
By Cummins, Jack
  Rev ed, 2013

Rs. 8,910.00