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Kashmir: Insurgency and After
By Balraj Puri
Kashmir: Insurgency and After attempts to understand the nature and historical roots of the insurgency in Kashmir, and examines the causes and consequences of the blood-soaked rupture between the...

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Dishonoured by History: Criminal Tribes and British Colonial Policy
By Meena Radhakrishna
In this path-breaking study, Meena Radhakrishna traces the history and implications of a piece of colonial legislation--the Criminal Tribes Act. She discusses the changing notions of crime and...

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World of All Human Rights - Soli J. Sorabjee A Festschrift
By R.N. Trivedi
Messages H.E. Abdul Hamid Ansari, Vice-President of India Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, Chief Justice of India Lord Justice Harry...

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Justice Across Borders   The Struggle for Human Rights in U.S. Courts
By Jeffrey Davis
  2008 Edition
This book studies the struggle to enforce international human rights law in federal courts. In 1980, a federal appeals court ruled that a Paraguayan family could sue a Paraguayan official under the...

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Human Security in South Asia: Gender, Energy, Migration and Globalisation
By Edited by P. R. Chari and Sonika Gupta
THE WORD SECURITY has a military connotation and refers to the activities involved in protecting or defending a country, in which the state has a central role. This book argues that the state provides as...

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Trafficking in Women and Children in India
This book presents the research findings of Action Research on Trafficking in Women and Children in India (ARTWAC) that involved the United Nations Development Fund for Women, the National Human Rights...

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Practice of Human Rights
Using ethnographic case studies, this is aimed at courses globally in social sciences and law.

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Wages of Impunity, The: Power, Justice and Human Rights
By K G Kannabiran
The Wages of Impunity consists of essays on human rights and civil liberties in India. Reiterating the indispensability of fundamental rights, the essays focus on aspects such as secularism, socialism,...

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African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights
  2 Rev ed, 2008
A comprehensive appraisal of the African human rights system.

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