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Tamil Nadu Human Development Report
THIS IS Tamil Nadus first Human Development Report. Tamil Nadu has fared very well in human development among the states in India. It needs to be noted, however, that there are vast variations in the...

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Making People Illegal
By Dauvergne, Catherine
This book examines the relationship between illegal migration and globalization.

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Housing and Property Restitution Rights of Refugees and Displaced Persons
This book, first published in 2007, contains 240 laws and other regulations recognizing the property rights of refugees and displaced persons.

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Migration and Refugee Law  Principles and Practice in Australia
By John Vrachnas, Kim Boyd, Mirko Bagaric and Pe...
  2 Rev ed, 2008
This book provides an overview of the legal principles governing entry of people into Australia.

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Sikkim Human Development Report 2001
By Mahendra P. Lama
VERY LITTLE is known about Sikkim. This book outlines its development since it became a part of the Indian Union in 1975. It covers subjects such as population, poverty and planning; health, education...

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International Refugee Law and Socio-economic Rights
By Foster, Michelle
This book, first published in 2007, assesses the ability of the Refugee Convention to encompass socio-economic based claims.

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Fatalism and Development: Nepals Struggle for Modernisation
The book concentrates on the social and cultural factors which lie behind the current Nepal crisis locating the root cause in the Brahmin-Chhetri minority which dominates Kathmandu and other towns....

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Kerala: The Paradoxes of Public Action and Development
By Joseph Tharamangalam
In Kerala: The Paradoxes of Public Action and Development, development scholars explore the paradoxical aspects of Keralas development experience. This state, which had emerged as a model of Third World...

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Human Security in South Asia: Gender, Energy, Migration and Globalisation
By Edited by P. R. Chari and Sonika Gupta
THE WORD SECURITY has a military connotation and refers to the activities involved in protecting or defending a country, in which the state has a central role. This book argues that the state provides as...

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