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Supreme Court on Employment (In Government, Public & Private Sectors) 2001-2010 - In 2 Volumes
By Surendra Malik, Sumeet Malik
  This Digest attempts to provide an accurate, comprehensive and dependable source for Supreme Court case law on...

Hardback: Rs. 3,500.00  Rs. 2,800.00
Practical Guide to Employees' Provident Funds Act, Rules & Schemes
By H.L. Kumar
  13th Edition 2016

Paperback: Rs. 550.00  Rs. 440.00
Preferential Treatment in Public Employment and Equality of Opportunity
By S.S. Gupta
  1979 Edition.
Preferential Treatment means giving of special treatment to certain persons or classes of persons over others. In the context of the book, it implies preferential treatment or, to be more specific,...

Hardcover: Rs. 300.00
The Laval and Viking Cases: Freedom of Services and Establishment v. Industrial Conflict in the European Economic Area and Russia
By Roger Blanpain
Two recent decisions of the European Court of Justice – Laval and Viking Line – have ignited a politically explosive controversy over the role of collective labour actions in the European...

Rs. 8,140.00  Rs. 7,326.00
Challenges in European Employment Relations

Rs. 9,000.00  Rs. 7,650.00
Hiring the Best Qualified and Most Talented Employees: Handbook on Global Recruiting, Screening, Testing and Interviewing Criteria
By Salvador Del Rey
Many global companies want to establish a uniform culture among talented employees with common company values at all levels of the organization at all operations throughout the world.

Rs. 14,800.00  Rs. 13,320.00
Employment Class and Collective Actions: Proceedings of the New York University 56th Annual Conference on Labor
By David Sherwyn
Long regarded as a powerful means to seek individual damages against a corporate defendant, class actions have become a staple of the U.S. litigation system. In recent years, however, several highly...

Rs. 12,210.00  Rs. 10,989.00
Employment Law and Works Councils in the Netherlands
By Ferdinand B.J. Grapperhaus
As markets become increasingly global and the law affecting employees becomes more complex, the need for management to be cognizant of its obligations as an employer has never been more critical....

Rs. 2,960.00  Rs. 2,664.00
Making Employment Rights Effective  Issues of Enforcement and Compliance
By Edited by Linda Dickens
  October 2012
There has been an enormous expansion of individual employment rights in Britain but their practical impact in terms of delivering fairer workplaces can be questioned. Taking as its starting point the...

Rs. 3,400.00  Rs. 2,720.00