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Judiciary in India Constitutional Perspectives Judiciary in India Constitutional Perspectives
× Judiciary in India Constitutional Perspectives
Judiciary in India Constitutional Perspectives
by Prof. G.Manoher Rao, Dr. G.B.Reddy
Edition: 1st Edition, 2009
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Judiciary in India Constitutional Perspectives
Preamble: The Spirit and Backbone of the Constitution of India
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This book emphasises on * Judicial accountability and transparency * Judicial activism *Judicial Self-restraint * Independence of Judiciary and Theory of Separation of Power * Emerging Perspectives.

Table Of Contents:

Part I - Judicial Accountably and Transparency
1.    Accountability of Judges of Superior Courts and Transparency Judicial
       Administration : Issues and Concerns - Prof.(Dr.) N.R. Madhava Menon
2.    Problems of the Judiciary - Padma Bhushan Shri P.P. Rao
3.    Challenges of Judiciary in the 21st Century - Justice J. Eswara Prasad
4.    "Judicial Independence" sans Accountability? - Prof. V. Nageshwar Rao
5.    Social Accountability of the Higher Judiciary in India - Prof. Dr. A. S. Raju and
       Mr. Atul Lalasaheb More
6.    Mounting Litigation and Docket Explosion: JIA as a Solution - Dr. R.Revathi
7.    Role Expectations of the Society and Judicial Accountability in India - Dr. M.V.Lakshmi Devi
8.    Judging the Judges - A Case For Judicial Accountability - Dr. Vijaya Chandra Tenneti
9.    An Overview of Judicial Accountability in India - P. Sri Sudha
10.  Judicial Accountability as proposed under Judges Inquiry Bill 2006 - I.L. Prasanthi
11.  Judicial Activism in India - An Overview - Dr. T. Sita Kumari
12.  Whether Women Judges Really Make A Difference? - Mrs. K.Vijaya Lakshmi &
       Mrs.D.Radhika Yadav
13.  Judicial Accountability - Important Perspectives - K.Ch. Venkateswari
14.  "Let the Protector be Protected" - Ravulapati Madhavi

Part II - Judicial Activism and Judicial Self-Restraint
1.    What is the Secret of Judicial Creativity and Innovation? - Justice M.Jagannadha Rao
2.    From Jurisprudence to Jurimetrics: A Critical Evaluation of the Emerging
       Tools in the Judicial Process - Prof (Dr.) A. Raghunadha Reddy
3.    Indian Higher Judiciary and International Law in the 21st Century: Issues and
       Challenges - Dr.  V. Balakista Reddy
4.    Judicial Activism Vis-a-Vis Needs of the People of India -A Critical Appraisal -
       Dr. N. Maheshwara Swamy
5.    Philosophy of Judical Activism and its Role in the Growth of Environmental
       Jurisprudence - Dr. G Rajasekar
6.    An Analysis of Contribution of the Supreme Court to the Doctrine of (Dis)
       Proportionality of Punishments in Service Jurisprudence - Nimushakavl Vasanthi
7.    Does I.R. Coelho (Dead) By LRs v. State of Tamil Nadu & Ors. signify
       "Judicial Activism"?   — A critique - Dr. Bellary Uma Devi
8.    Humanising Arrest Laws through Judicial Activism - Sarah Sharma
9.    Poverty-Access to Justice-Calls on the Supreme Court - Dr. C.S.S.Prasad
10.  Dialectics and Dynamics of Public Interest Litigation - Dr. P. Raja Gopal
11.  Implementation of International Human Rights in India- Judicial Activism - Dr. Maruthi T.R
12.  Dynamics of Judicial Activism in the Indian Constitutional Perspective -
       A Case Study - S V Satya Subrahmanyam
13.  Judicial Activism and Criminal Justice to Women in the Indian Context - Mrs. Vijayasri

Part III - Independence of Judiciary and Theory of Separation of Powers
1.    Higher Judiciary in 21st Century - Constitutional Perspectives - Justice K. Rama Swamy
2.    Judicial Activism and Judicial Accountability - Justice P.S. Narayana
3.    Judicial Autonomy, Substantialism and Pragmatic Rationalism - Prof. Dr. A. Lakshminath
4.    The Indian Judiciary: Struggle for Custody of the Consitution - Prof. K. Shrinivas Rao
5.    Independence of Judiciary - Prof.R.Jaganmohan Rao
6.    Independence of Judiciary and Judicial Review a Sine-qua-non for Supremacy of
       Indian Constitution - Prof. D.S. Prakasa Rao & Dr. J.K.L Sujata
7.    Parliamentary Privileges, Freedom of Press and Judicial Review in India -
       Dr. Y. F.JayKumar
8.    Criminal Contempt of the Courts in India - An Analysis - Dr. G. B. fledrfy
9.    Reviewing Judicial Review - Dr. Girija Shankar Sharma
10.  Role of the Judges in the Judicial System of India -An Analysis of Recent Trends - Dr. C. Nirmala

Part IV - Dynamics of Indian Judiciary - Emerging Perspective
1.    Judicial Activism in Environmental Law - Indian Perspective -Dr. T. Raghavendra Rao
2.    The Role of Indian judiciary in Regulating the Child Labour - Dr. S. Vijaya Lakshmi
3.    Judicial Strategies in Making Fundamental Rights Socially Relevant - Dr. D. Koteswara Rao
4.    Judicial Activism: Elevation of Right to Child Education as Fundamental Right - Dr. M. Srinivas
5.    Social and Political Accountability in Democratic Governance -
       The Role of Judiciary - Dr. Brahma Chary Valavoju
6.    Separation of Powers: Doctrine and Practice - M.V. Chandramathi
7.    The Institution of Lokayukta in Andhra Pradesh and Administration of Justice - B. Anuradha
8.    Judicial Response to Constitutional Challenges-An Analysis - D. A. K. Ramakrishna
9.    Constitutional Policy and IX Schedule: Unfinished Land Reform Agenda
       Vanished IR Coelho (dead)by L.R's V. State of Tamil Nadu - P. Rajaram
10.  Protection against Self-Incrimination and Silence of Accused v/s 313 of CnP.C 1973 -
       A Study of Judicial Response - M. Keerti Sudha & P. Ravi Jashuva
11.  Judicial Accountability and Transparency in India - Dr.GManoj Someswar
12.  Supremacy of the Constitution as the Justification and Parameter for Judicial
       Review in India: A Communitarian Perspective - Prof. P. Ishwara Bhat

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