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International Law And Human Rights International Law And Human Rights
× International Law And Human Rights
International Law And Human Rights
by K.C. Joshi
Edition: 3rd Edition, 2016
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Product Details:
Format: Paperback
Pages: 680 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789351453642
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 2.39 CM X 16 CM
Shipping Weight: 3.000(Kg)
Publisher Code: AC/364
Date Added: 2016-02-11
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Jurisdiction: Indian

The revised third edition of the book provides, leading cases on the subject specified in the syllabus of law schools alongwith recent decisions of national and international courts at the proper places. Dworkin’s new theory of international law, difference between equity and ex aequo et bono, Islamic State and international law, India–Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement have been included. The topics of Environment and Human Rights have been discussed in depth.

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Written in a clear and simple style, the book will prove to be indispensable for the students pursuing their LL.B., LL.M., international relations and political science, and those appearing in competitive examinations, the judiciary and the academic community at large.



  • Kerala Law Times: The emergence of nation State, industrial revolution and scientific and technological advancement brought the States closer and the interaction between the State become very frequent. Thus International Law has acquired added importance in the contemporary social order. Besides States various international organizations have tremendously influenced international law. Individual has been now treated as a pivot around whom the fabric of international law is being woven. Various conventions, covenants, declarations, resolutions and understandings have expanded their protective canopy of human rights to entire mankind. The problems related to environmental hazards, HIV/AIDS, international terrorism, poverty and world peace have global ramifications and cannot be settled by any state individually, however powerful it might be. This has compelled States to concentrate on international efforts and hence the subject of international law acquires greater importance. Human rights have acquired significance and form part of various courses of study. Part II of the book therefore deals with human rights both at international as well as national levels. This new edition is primarily aimed for students, preparing for their law courses and competitions. It will also be useful, for the students of international relations and political science as well as those who are interested in the subject written in a very clear and simple style this classic work provides an illuminating overview of this subject aiming to broaden the perspective of the reader.
  • Gujarat Law Reporter: Human rights are universal in nature and they must be considered in the context of a dynamic and evolving process of international norms bearing in mind various historical, cultural and religious backgrounds of the country. Fundamental human rights are inherent in all humankind and find expressions in Constitutions and legal systems and international human rights instruments.
    The modern concept of human rights has been apty referred to at appropriate places to make the people aware of human rights jurisprudence of various countries and their regional groups and their enforcing mechanism. This book is divided in 2 parts. First part deals with international law in 29 Chapters discussing codification, state law, sources and evidences, state's jurisdiction, responsibility, succession, air space and outer space, individual and state, treaties, W.T.O., settlement of disputes and many other important topics. Second part exhaustively devoted to Human rights, universality, international covenants, human rights in India - applicability and enforceability and effectiveness with future vision by giving section-wise commentary. Though, the book is primarily written for students of law and political science with minutest details in preparation for the courses in examinations.


  •  "In this revised edition, leading cases on the subject specified in the syllabus of law schools along with recent decisions of national and international courts have been included. The topics of Environment and Human Rights have been discussed in reasonable detail. " -- LawZ Bureau.


Table Of Contents:

Part I


1. Introduction

2. Sources and Evidences of International Law

3. Codification of International Law

4. Relation Between International Law and State Law

5. Subjects of International Law

6. Recognition of States and Governments

7. State Territory

8. State Jurisdiction

9. Law of the Sea

10. State Responsibility

11. State Succession

12. Heads of States and Diplomatic Envoys

13. Consular Relations

14. Air Space and Outer Space

15. Individual and the State

16. Treaties

17. International Organisations

18. The Specialised Agencies

19. Collective Security

20. Regionalism and International Organisations

21. Disarmament

22. International Economic Law

23. Settlement of International Disputes

24. War and Armed Conflict

25. Termination of War and Postliminium

26. Enemy Character

27. Law of War: International Humanitarian Law

28. Belligerent Occupation

29. Laws of Maritime Warfare

30. War Crimes

31. Neutrality

32. Economic Warfare

33. International Terrorism

34. International Criminal Court

35. Environment and International Law


Part I I


36. Human Rights

37. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

38. International Covenants on Human Rights

39. Prevention of Inhuman Acts

40. Protection of Vulnerable Groups

41. Regional Conventions on Human Rights

42. Human Duties and Responsibilities

43. Declaration on Human Rights Defenders

44. Human Rights in India

45. Human Rights Commissions in India 

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