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Recognition and Regulation of Anti-Dumping Measures Under GATT/WTO
By Sheela Rai
  2004 Edn. with Suppl., 2007
With dumping of goods becoming a serious threat to the Indian economy, this book is most appropriately timed. Thoroughly researched and updated, the work explores the rights available to countries to...

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Introduction to the International Criminal Court
By Schabas, William A.
  3 Rev ed, 2007
Third revised edition.

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Jai Kanade and Vishal Kanade: Public International Law - A Primer
By Jai Kanade and Vishal Kanade
  1st Edition, 2013
SoftcoverThis is a basic, introductory book on public international law. The purpose of this book is to elucidate the subject to the readers who are novices to the field of...

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International Human Rights - A Comprehensive Introduction
By Michael Haas
  10th January 2008
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to international human rights: international human rights law, why international human rights have increasingly risen to world prominence, what is...

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Bills of Lading in  International Law and Practice
By Justice T.K. Thommen
  1985 Edition.
This book is a concise treatise on International law and practice on Bills of Lading. It provides a useful introduction to an important and complex branch of law. It is a scholarly work of high...

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Basic Documents In International Law
By Ian Brownlie
  1st Indian Edition, 2003
Since the first edition of Basic Documents in International Law appeared in 1967 this collection of basic texts has become a well-known aid both to practising lawyers using international law materials,...

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Introduction to International Institutional Law
By Klabbers, Jan
A comprehensive and systematic overview of the law of international organizations for students.

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International Law and Human Rights (Hindi) - अंतराष्ट्रीय विधि और मानवाधिकार - Antarrashtriya Vidhi Aur Manavadhikar
By K.C. Joshi
  2nd Edition, 2010
A clear, accurate and perceptive work on the topic of International Law and Human Rights. This book provides an illuminating overview to the fundamental principles of this subject with the aim of...

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