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EBC Reader Version 1.4
EBC Reader is an iPad & iPhone app that allows you to read eBooks from EBC Webstore, in a simple easy to use and immersive format. EBC Reader toolset allows you to dynamically browse your book and interact with your text, highlighting, copying and searching. You can easily buy and download titles and read them on the go. It is a hassle free means of having your entire legal library with you all the time. Reading on your Reader is just like reading from the book, only it gets better, as it provides a personalized reading experience.
  • Tap on a book to start reading it
  • Flip through pages conveniently by curling them
  • Create notes pertaining to the eBooks or personal notebooks of your case-files
  • Search any word or phrase to the farthest page
  • Change the themes as per your comfort
  • Highlight the relevant passages
  • Share your notes by emailing, printing them or through social media.


EBC Reader for iPad & iPhone Software, copyright 2014-2015. All rights reserved. Eastern Book Company, EBC Reader logo are trademarks of Eastern Book Company and its affiliates.

Getting Registered:
Registration is a simple process. You just have to follow the following steps and your device will be registered. This App is designed for iPad Generation2 with iOS 7.0 or later, iPad Retina and iPhone 4 or later.

  • Download from Apple App Store:
  • You are first required to download the Reader from Apple App Store. A link for the same is provided at the App Store.
  • Create an account at EBC Webstore:
  • You then have to create an account at EBC Webstore, if you do not already have one.

  • Purchase your first eBook:
  • Purchase your first eBook from the Webstore, we will be guiding you step by step through the entire process.
  • You are now registered:
  • With this done, you are now registered. The eBook that you purchase will appear in your Reader's Books to be Downloaded section. You can obtain your registration information on Settings page> Registration.

Buying your first book:
EBC Webstore is the place to buy any book or journal relating to law. We offer a convenient and simple procedure for buying online.

  • Browse:
  • Browse through the collection of e-books online, at ebcwebstore.com. Select the title/titles that you want to purchase.
  • Log in:
  • To buy e-books from our Webstore, you must first log in at www.ebcwebstore.com. In case you do not have an account at our Webstore then you can create one at http://www.ebcwebstore.com/login.php
  • Buy Now:
  • Once you select the e-book that you want to purchase, click on Add to Cart and proceed with the purchase procedure. You would be asked to create an account during the purchase process if you have not already made one.

  • Download:
  • The titles that you purchase on the EBC Webstore will appear on your EBC Readerís Books to be Downloaded section. When you open your EBC Reader, you will view your Library page, which would be blank, as you are yet to download an eBook. When you access your Books to be Downloaded section you will see your book. You only have to tap on it to download and start reading it.

    The screenshot below displays the Books to be Downloaded section.

Support Information
You can refer to EBC Reader Help for detailed information on the Reader.

In case you have any problem or want to contact us regarding the EBC eBook Reader, then please contact our customer service:

Web: http://www.ebcwebstore.com/ebcreader

E-mail: ebcreader@ebcwebstore.com

Phone: 1800 1800 6666 (toll free)