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Supreme Court Cases + SCC Online Web Edition Combo offer Supreme Court Cases + SCC Online Web Edition Combo offer
× Supreme Court Cases + SCC Online Web Edition Combo offer
Supreme Court Cases + SCC Online Web Edition Combo offer
by EBC
Edition: 2016 Combo Offer
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Supreme Court Cases + SCC Online Web Edition Combo offer
The Practical Lawyer - PLW [Annual Subscription]
Supreme Court CasesTM (Criminal)- SCC(Cri)
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SCC (Weekly)

The Need and importance of Supreme Court case law

Rulings of the Supreme Court are the law of the land under Article 141 of the Constitution. They have a bearing on the validity and applicability of Acts of Parliament, State Legislatures and various rules and notifications issued by various governmental authorities. Thus, Supreme Court case law is a paramount necessity for the judiciary and practitioners in the Supreme Court, the High Courts and District Courts as well as the academic community, commercial establishments, private and public sectors, and government offices amongst others.

Philosophy behind SCC™: Prompt, Accurate and Complete
A law report is of value not just for a few decades, but for eternity. That is the prime consideration driving Supreme Court Cases™. That is why great pains are taken and efforts made at Supreme Court Cases™ to accurately publish every judgment or order. Equally important is that the entire Supreme Court case law be made available, and hence the efforts to achieve completeness. Again, while making efforts for being prompt we make sure not to be hasty, engaged as we are in producing a permanent record of the Supreme Court.

SCC™ as an investment
Supreme Court Cases™ is the most reliable and trustworthy reference source, and for many readers the first source of reference for Supreme Court case law. Subscribers of SCC™ have not only realised the immense utility of SCC™ but also the fact that a beautiful set of SCC™ adorns their library and that with time the value of SCC™ appreciates. Also the fact that the price paid for SCC™ is tax deductible, makes it an ideal investment.

Editorial excellence
It is one thing to make Supreme Court judgments available; it is quite another to extract all the rulings of law embedded therein and make them accessible, that is, to make the search for the relevant rulings quick and convenient. SCC™ contains headnotes that have been prepared after thorough and careful analysis ensuring that no point of law is missed. Our editors extract the maximum rulings from each case and these are intelligently classified topic-wise and statute-wise, in the subject index along with multiple cross-references making them conveniently accessible to the reader. The headnotes and indexing in SCC™ are acknowledged today as far superior to that of any other law report.

New Latest Judgments and Legal Briefs facility with Guidenotes
Now with improved user friendly interface and search options

Your favourite 'Latest Judgments' internet facility now comes with improved user-friendly interface and search options. Gain faster access to the pre-publication text of the most recent Supreme Court judgments with very useful guidenotes. Further, get access to 'Legal Briefs', the previous 4 months of the Monthly Digests of SCC, legal articles and much more.

Latest Judgments
Access to 'Latest Judgments' facility is even simpler and easier now. Go to, click on 'Latest Judgments', enter your Subscriber Number as User Name and your Last Name as Password. When you click on Login, you will automatically be asked to register with your E-mail ID and Password.

Digest of Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court Digest of Recent Cases is a compilation of digest notes of the recent Supreme Court case law. This compilation is fully searchable.

Legal Articles from 1950 till date
Access to hundreds of articles from all our journals published since their inception including SCC, SCC (Cri), SCC (L&S) and The Practical Lawyer


SCC Online® Web Edition

SCC Online® Web Edition is the only electronic legal research database whose True PrintsTM, are widely accepted in law courts across India, including in the Supreme Court of India.


  • Carefully edited Case Notes make legal research quicker, easier, and more effective.
  • True PrintsTM accepted in law courts across India - the only electronic legal research database widely accepted.
  • Easy-to-use interface and feature set comparable with the best legal research databases across the world.

We know legal research.

  • Expertly prepared and reliable Headnotes.
  • Topic and Statute guide saves time and increases efficiency.
  • SCC Online Web Edition: Deeper Databases, Faster Updates.
  • Largest database of Indian case law on the web.
  • Cross-citations for all major journals, including SCC, AIR, ITR, Comp Cas, Cri LJ, STC, LLJ, LLN, Lab IC, SLR, ELT.
  • New judgments updated continuously.
  • Continuous additions to database, international databases also included.



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