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Judicial Dictionary Judicial Dictionary
Judicial Dictionary
by Justice L.P. Singh, P.K. Majumdar
Edition: Second, Reprint 2002
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Since the publication of the First Edition, the Authors had the advantage of various suggestions and criticisms received from the Bench and the Bar, for which Authors are thankful to them. In the present edition, it has been the Authors& aim to make the work complete Dictionary of Law. The important topics of the Law has been treated fully. Specially those in which the Law has shown marked development in the last ten years.

A large part of the work has been rewritten and every heading has been carefully revised and corrected by revising the work and great care has been taken so that no case is left out from the year 1998 to 2001.

The most modern law dictionaries are compelled from the more ancient with some modifications and alterations: and, in many instances, they are servile copies, without the slightest alteration. In the mean time the law has undergone a great change. Formerly the principal object of the law seemed to be to regulate real property, in all its various artificial modifications, while little or no attention was bestowed upon the rules which govern personal property and rights. The merchantile law has since arisen, like a bright pyramid, amid the gloom of the feudal law, and is now far more important in practice than that which refers to real estate. The law of real property, too, has changed, particularly in India.

To those, who are aware of the difficulties of this task in compiling the Judicial Dictionary, the Authors deem it necessary to make apology for the imperfections which may be found in this book. Our main object has been to make this book useful by overing all the case law of the time, on Judicial interpretation of various words by the Supreme Court and High Courts of India.

We rely upon the generous liberality of the Members of the Bench and Bar to overlook the errors which may have been committed in our endeavours to serve them. Any suggestions for improvement in the book shall be appreciated.

  • Special features of this book are :

    Judicial definitions - Various Important Judicial definitions and dicta of Judges have been placed in the book with labour and devotion which were hidden in the lengthy volumes of law reporting Journals. Many excellent illustrations and explanatory quotations, words and phrases, revealing the real and exact-meaning and synoymous expressions thereof.

    Legislative definitions-The definitions of the words existing in enactments have been given with Judicial interpretations under appropriate titles.

    Statute and other Local Terms-These terms used in deeds, documents and other records are given with exhaustive interpretations.

    Tax terms-Numerous Tax Terms and Phrases defined by Courts of law have been placed under correct and appropriate places.

    Legal Maxims-Legal maxims used in Indian Law as well as English law, are included in the book to render help to legal practitioners and Hon'ble Judges.

    Interpretation of Statute-Statutory words used in statutes have been well defined by Courts of law have been given in the book which shall be very helpful to Bar and Bench.

    Words defined in Standard Legal Treaties-Words defined in Standard Legal Dictionaries such as Earl Jowit's Dictionary of English Law. Stround's Judicial Dictionary. Black's Law Dictionary and Wharton's Law Lexicon have been given at proper places.

    The authors gratefully acknowledge with thanks the help taken from these standard Dictionaries besides taking verbatim definitions from various law reports and statutes published in India.

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