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The Modern Law of Evidence The Modern Law of Evidence
× The Modern Law of Evidence
The Modern Law of Evidence
by Adrian Keane and Paul McKeown
Edition: 10th Edition, 2014
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Format: Paperback
Pages: 776 pages
Publisher: Oxford Books India
Language: english
ISBN: 78-0-19-968434-2
Dimensions: 246x189mm
Shipping Weight: 4.000(Kg)
Date Added: 2013-06-18
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A no-nonsense, direct approach, focusing on the rules that underpin the law of evidence, guides students through this complex subject and has proved very popular over successive editions
Provides an examination of the theory behind the law as well as its practical application, helping to engage the reader with the key debates and encouraging analytical thought
In-depth coverage of all key topics found on law of evidence modules ensures that this is the ideal core text for any student studying for academic or professional qualifications

New to this edition

New materials, relating to the practical application of the law and including problem questions and answers have been added to the Online Resource Centre
Coverage has been thoroughly updated to cover all the latest developments, including:
The decision of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Al-Khawaja and Tahery V UK and the Court of Appeal decision in R v Riat on hearsay
The Judicial College Bench Checklist: Young Witness Cases and the Advocacy Training Council's Report, Raising the Bar: The handling of vulnerable witnesses, victims and defendants in court, both designed to enable vulnerable witnesses to give their 'best evidence'
The Court of Appeal decision in R v Philips, on bad character evidence where co-accused run 'cut-throat' defences
The Justice and Security Act 2013, Parliament's controversial response to the Supreme Court decision in Al Rawi v Security Service, enabling civil courts to order a closed material procedure in the case of material the disclosure of which would damage the interests of national security
The Court of Appeal decisions in R v E, on the cross-examination of children and R v Chinn, on memory refreshing
The Privy Council decision Tido v R, on dock identifications

The Modern Law of Evidence is well established and relied upon as a lucid, engaging and authoritative guide to the contemporary law of evidence. Straightforward and practical in approach, this textbook also provides concise analysis of the theory behind the law, with an emphasis on recent discussion and current topics.

The tenth edition has been carefully developed and updated to ensure that it continues to provide a thorough and utterly reliable guide for students.

This book is an ideal text for undergraduates and students studying the BPTC or LPC. It has been cited with approval by the highest appellate courts, thereby also cementing its reputation as an excellent resource for practitioners and judges.

Online Resource Centre

This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, which contains regular updates to the text and a helpful list of web links.

Readership: Suitable for undergraduates studying evidence as part of the LLB. also an appropriate text for BPTC students studying evidence.

Table Of Contents:


1.: Introduction
2.: Preliminaries
3.: Evidence obtained by illegal or unfair means
4.: The burden and standard of proof
5.: Witnesses
6.: Examination-in-Chief
7.: Cross-examination and re-examination
8.: Corroboration and care warnings
9.: Documentary and real evidence
10.: Hearsay in criminal cases
11.: Hearsay admissible by statute in civil proceedings
12.: Hearsay admissible at common law
13.: Confessions
14.: Statutory inferences from an accused's silence or conduct
15.: Evidence of character: evidence of character in civil cases
16.: Evidence of character: evidence of the good character of the accused
17.: Evidence of character: evidence of bad character in criminal cases
18.: Opinion evidence
19.: Public policy
20.: Privilege
21.: Judgments as evidence of the facts upon which they were based
22.: Proof of facts without evidence

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